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The World in My Eyes/


Poet: Montri Sriyong/มนตรี ศรียงค์

Translator: Khunying Chamnongsri (Rutnin) Hanchanlash

/คุณหญิงจำนงศรี หาญเจนลักษณ์

Photo By Khunying Chamnongsri Hanchanlash

(Excerpt from “People Passing” from “Lamai Songkroh Road”)

Passing me – casting lonely shadow

So forlornly walks that walker

Dull footfalls – stepping slow

from corner of the left crossroad

Those eyes meet mine – shedding dim shadows

Another striver – a stranger

…throwing shades of emptiness that linger

and encrust the unfocussed eyes…

walks forward – to destiny

memories behind - humble, lowly

before the body takes its shadow

and vanishes into a side street.

No trace of ‘what has been’ remains

Body after body has cast its shadow

Road of hope - Passers from other places

with passing days, months, years,

multiply to sheer innumerability

I hear the sweet wail of a sorrowful song

Footprints, still pulsing warm, covered in dust

And every trace every print evaporate

Together with the whiff of flesh and sweat


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