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The Greatest White Squirrel Knight

by the Squirrel Knight’s Grandma

Photo : tallbirdme, Toxic fRoG/Illustration : LittleLark

Who ever is that

Hops tippy-top hops

Riding through the tree tops?

With eyes so black

And furs so white?

Who, oh, who

But the White Squirrel Knight!

Whose smile is that!

Hops tippy-top hops

Shining through the tree tops

From a face so sweet

And teeth so white?

Whose, oh, whose

But my darling Squirrel Knight’s!

Whose voice is that!

Hops tippy-top hops

Ringing through mountain tops

From a heart so brave

And a head so wise?

Whose, oh, whose

But the greatest

Of all Squirrel Knights’!

Crossing brooks, up the hills

Hops tippy-top hops

Our white squirrel knight

Looks left


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