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Lover on the Beach

Chamnongsri Rutnin

Photo : KhunyingChamnongsri Hanchanlash

There stands the lover,

his back leaning ’gainst the quizzing wind

and the murmurs of the questioning sea

there he stood waiting

impatience patiently counting

beats of mute seconds that went ticking, ticking,

falling in, falling out, falling in, falling out

with the tripping and beating of his heart

I watched the rose-gilt silhouette etched

’gainst tender backdrop of dallying dawn

and wondered at how the sleep-soaked beach

so sweetly enfolded the lone lover by the sea

as he stood, shirt fluttering

bare feet sunken in salt talcum sands

By-gone loves left to the moaning

of waves on discarded shores

he stood waiting

yet another rapturous reiterations

of the infinite billions and billions

of millions lovers

My ancestors have been lovers,

they had waited for love, so have I…

so my sons and daughters, so will their sons and daughters…

voice of love have echoed and re-echoed

down countless generations

like wind and sand

Hua Hin 1997

Chamnongsri Rutnin


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