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The King

Chamnongsri Rutnin

Like the sun

He gives us warmth and light

Like the rain

He cools us with freshness and hope

Like the rivers

He enriches all regions of the land

Like the earth

He nurtures us with timeless patience

Like the trees

He shelters us with gentleness and strength


(This Poem was written

for Thai Oil Co. on occasion of

the 50th Anniversary of H.M. the King’s Coronation,

BE. 2539 AD 1996)


Is it not a magnificent fact


one man

can be so cherished in 63 million hearts

one heart

can beat for 63 million lives

one life

can be devoted to 63 million souls

one soul,

with infinite love, can exalt a nation

one nation

can be blessed with such a monarch

for more than half a century



Chamnongsri L. Rutnin

If you chance to be in this golden kingdom

Hush…listen…for you will hear a song

That runs like a precious thread

Through the sounds

of night and voices of day

Through the whispers

of leaves and warbling of birds

Through the coughs

of motors and purrs of engines

Through the hushes

of mothers and laughter of children

Through the throbbing

of veins and beating of hearts

Listen… it’s the sweet song of rejoicement

The country’s symphony of jubilation

The kingdom’s paean of praise and love

For His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadet

Fifty years enthroned in the soul of our nation


(Written for Loxley Public Company

for 50th Anniversary of His Majesty’s coronation)


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