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Chamnongsri Rutnini Hanchanlash

Stefan Keller,Pixabay

Do you remember this day

two years ago?

The smiling morning

when the Andaman lay flat as a mirror

under the baby-blue sky

and cotton ball clouds

and sunshine

as sweet as orange juice?

The Andaman lay, flat as a mirror

Not a single wave

For the breeze was holding its breath


Then, under the soft golden sun,

it came rolling in

sucking the white beaches dry

The silent warning

that so very few understood

… so few guessed why

The quiet welling, the super velocity,

The hidden force of the watery walls

Tore the bright morning into shreds

of destruction

Oh, how close lies life and laughter

to loss and death

But it was not Destruction

nor Death that won the day

It was Generosity and Love

It was not Tragedy

nor Despair that prevailed

But the human courage that shone

more golden than the golden sun

And the human heart, far deeper

than all the waters of the world

Two years have passed.

Boundaries of race and nations

have dissolved in love

and remembrance


silence our hearts

and contemplate the ocean

See how the Andaman’s beauty

has deepened


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